Geometric Tests

Naming Scheme

Geometric Tests, also called Collision Detection, is provided by the geometric_tests module.

Functions match a specific naming scheme. The function name provides information on what types are being checked, and what check is being performed.

Function names adhere to the following format:

def <type>_<check type>_<type>( ... ):

The order of parameters matches the order of types given in the function name.

The following are examples of this naming scheme:

def point_intersect_line(point, line):
    """This function returns the intersection point as a vector or None if there is no intersection.

def point_closest_point_on_line_segment(point, segment):
    """The function returns the closest on the line segment, to the given point.

Types of Checks

Below are some of the types of checks provided. These are the names used by the functions and their meaning.

  • intersect Returns the intersection point of the two types or None.
  • does_intersect Returns True if the types are intersecting.
  • height_above Returns the height of one type above another.
  • closest_point_on Returns the closest point on the second type.
  • parallel Returns True if the types are parallel to each other.
  • coincident Returns True if the types are not only parallel, but are along the same direction axis.
  • penetration Returns the penetration distance of one type into the second.

There may be more checks provided by the module than are listed here.