Provide functions for the creation and manipulation of Euler angles.

Eulers represent 3 rotations: Pitch, Roll and Yaw.

Eulers are represented using a numpy.array of shape (3,).

pyrr.euler.create(roll=0.0, pitch=0.0, yaw=0.0, dtype=None)[source]

Creates an array storing the specified euler angles.

Input values are in radians.

  • pitch (float) – The pitch in radians.
  • roll (float) – The roll in radians.
  • yaw (float) – The yaw in radians.
Return type:


pyrr.euler.create_from_x_rotation(theta, dtype=None)[source]
pyrr.euler.create_from_y_rotation(theta, dtype=None)[source]
pyrr.euler.create_from_z_rotation(theta, dtype=None)[source]
class pyrr.euler.index[source]

Defines the indices used to store the Euler values in the numpy array.

pitch = 1

The index of the pitch value within the euler.

roll = 0

The index of the roll value within the euler.

yaw = 2

The index of the yaw value within the euler.


Extracts the pitch value from the euler.

Return type:float.

Extracts the roll value from the euler.

Return type:float.

Extracts the yaw value from the euler.

Return type:float.